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Chelsea and Scolari!

February 10, 2009

Is Chelsea right over the sack of Scolari? Bunch of insane and independent judgement fans and club owners who cannot see beyonf their noses.

The man would have done well for them if given sometime and allowed to ship-wreck those good for nothing but emass wealth so called players that fill Chelsea squad. Most players in Chelsea are due for retirement. They are not ready to to give in their best to their club  else they get injuries and not have strength and time to enjoy their WAGS and CASH! They are the excess baggages that Chelsea should offload if they care to move forward. But who actually cares about Chelsea?


South African TV and former President George Bush

February 10, 2009

The officials that broadcast that President Bush was dead should be investigated very well  and punished. I wonder why they should be using such a sensitive issue for running their tests. Also the shoe thrower in Iraq and the attention-seeking one in the UK  should be made to pay the price for the false ‘heroism’. They are certainly not my types of heroes. 

The issue of dictatorialism raised against the Chinese President is actually very true but the best way to disagree would not be through voilence. Mind you that the communist China is gradually opening up though not at the speed we expect . But a people’s elected leader deserves respect.