On Zimbabwe and Opposition Politics!

While one does not blame the opposition Party, MDC in Zimbabwe for challenging the excesses of President Mugabe, one is forced to see their recent rejections of forming a government with the ruling party as smacking of selfishness rather than selfess love for the Zimbabwean people. The opposition has refused to consider the sufferings of their people at the short term and keep insisting on controlling some lucrative positions which Mugabe is not ready to offer. Union leaders are political demagogues any and everywhere. They will keep brain-washing the suffering people into basking in their suffering and waiting for a D- day which seems too far, whereas the union cum political leaders keep flying from one country to another dining and wining on the wealth they acquire  from countries who keep pouring aid in ‘sympathy’ to their cause. Let the opposition get into governemnt first. It is better to fight from the inside than to fight from the outside. Senseless and blind opposition is not surely a way forward!


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