On President Obama and African nations!

Ordinary africans are not to  blame for expecting Pres. Obama to solve their problems. Afterall his father is Kenyan. And in Africa, a child takes his/her identity from his/her father rather than  his/her mother. But if only we are to understand that President Obama cannot solve our problems without the coorporation of our leaders.

In a continent where leaders remain selfish, greedy and corrupt; what will Pres. Obama do? Among people who do not agree in change, what can an agent of Change offer? With the poeple who kill all the hopes of their people still seating over us, how can the hope President Obama brings be allowed to reach us. Ours is a ‘cursed’ situation. Ayi kwei Armah summarizes our frustration when he titled one of his novels ‘why are we so blest?’

The rise in Africa must start from African leaders and not President Obama.  It is when we make a step that Obama can help us increase and make many steps. With all the assistance available to African through President Bush and Tony Blair ( yes do not demonize them. They were good to Africa) when they held sway in their various countries; and our inability to seize tthe opportunities they offered, it is only God that can help us make our hay while the sun shines or we may not have anything to show after President Obama’s four years  or rather eight years.


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