And Roland Burris must not be Bullied….

It is easy for the evil to cover the good but very rare for the good to out-shine the evil. And that is for those with beclouded vision if they can be said to have eyes at all anyway.

Although a governor whom is reported to be corrupt appointed him to the senate, he must not be buried with the governor. I have not read that the governor has been indicted but perhaps he has compromised his credibilty with such allegation if all the that flows from press mills are to be true.

But if Roland Burris has not been involved in the auctioning of that senate seat, one would think he is very qualified to hold it. It is neither just because there is no other black American in the American senate and his presence there will be good to show how beautiful a good mixture of colours can be (lol,  I mean of various peoples of various colours) nor because he has been around in politics for quite sometime, have served his people in various capacities and has aspired to various offices even if unsuccessfully. It is still not because he is qualified going by his credentials nor because the press has not reported any wrong he has done in connection with this senate appointment.

Perhaps my only reason is that no one has said the reason why he is not fit for that senate seat if he is considered as Roland Burris and not Roland Burris from  or of of   Governor Blagojevich.


One Response to “And Roland Burris must not be Bullied….”

  1. coffee fiend Says:

    it’s crazy what Blagojevich has gotten away with already… he’s an international embarrassment

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