How AIG NUHU Ribadu ‘reconciled’ Generals Gowon and IBB

I stopped being an ardent supporter of Nuhu Ribadu the moment he allowed former President Obasanjo to use him. For an officer so intelligent, I could not understand how OBJ could manipulate him for his selfish purposes. This was part of the reason I was not happy when OBJ was promoting Ribadu without following ‘due processes’. However, whereas it was Ribadu’s fault that he allowed OBJ to use him, it was not his fault that he was promoted.

No one will doubt that Nuhu Ribadu did a great job for Nigeria as chairman of EFCC whether it was selective or not. And for those people whose grouse with Ribadu was that he was selective on the people he investigated, my question will be: but those he selected, did they steal at all? If they were thieves, I will not succumb to the argument that because thief A was not punished, thief B should go free too. Nuhu Ribadu did a great job in the selected ‘thieves’ that he tackled. Period.

I would have thought that the Police Service Commission would recommend Ribadu’s demotion in rank just a step down if it was necessary at all, but to send him back to the level of DCP shows that the members of that commission are serving a script written by someone for whatever purposes. I have no evidence to lay the blame either at the door of the powerful governor from the south- south or at the doors of the various ‘thieves’ that Ribadu called to account for their robbery. But the manner of his removal from EFCC ( which is not his father’s company by the way, and so no one was right to be  disturbed had he been removed with ‘due process’) and the events after that including his demotion and posting to the lions’ den in Edo police command raises more questions than answers.

And if Ribadu’s rapid promotion was an issue, if it raised unrest within the rank and file of the police force, what of the rapid promotions former President Babangida gave to himself? If we want to insure justice, that should be visited as well and IBB be demoted to the rank he should have been had he followed ‘due processes’ of promotion. What of the other former officers whose promotions were political? This ‘justice’ meted out to Ribadu should be extended to everyone who also had accelerated promotion. And what of General Yakubu Gowon? Who does not remember his rapid promotion? It was more rapid than Ribadu’s. Are Ojukwu and other military men who were his senior not wailing at his promotions? Justice should be done. General Gowon should be demoted and given the right rank which he should have merited until he ran into exile. If promotion can be given on merit not minding years of service, then Ribadu should be left alone because he merited some promotions due to his service to our fatherland. But if the ‘almighty’ Police Service Commission, demi-gods- Yar’adua, Okiro and Aookanda; and other petty gods and goddesses in Nigeria see some injustice that must be corrected in Nuhu Ribadu’s promotion, then let the justice be extended to Generals Gowon, Babangida and others. After all, Nigeria is one of the very few countries where people can become Field Marshals even when they have never ventured into a battle field. May God save Nigeria.



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