Animal Kingdom

Man if tamed or wild

Or even if he calls himself mammal

For he assigns in his wisdom

Since he is said to have dominion


But how is he different from a dog

If not less that friend of man

Or is he better than the cat

That rids pest free of us


Man is a peacock

Spreading his wings where he has no control

Man is a fowl

Defacing every clean place he finds

Yet but a little touch is gone


Man shines like a golden palace

A slice of ‘shit’ every one detests

A painted sepulcher

Open up and no one dare stays


A monster pulling down what he cannot build

Bulldozer scattering what he cannot gather

A pig averse to neatness and order

Oh poor man for no war Alexander weeps


Man is an animal

Thinking of the now and forgetting tomorrow

Selfish and conceit himself alone to care

Unthinking being him in all doth destroy

This animal called man





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