Chelsea and Scolari!

February 10, 2009

Is Chelsea right over the sack of Scolari? Bunch of insane and independent judgement fans and club owners who cannot see beyonf their noses.

The man would have done well for them if given sometime and allowed to ship-wreck those good for nothing but emass wealth so called players that fill Chelsea squad. Most players in Chelsea are due for retirement. They are not ready to to give in their best to their club  else they get injuries and not have strength and time to enjoy their WAGS and CASH! They are the excess baggages that Chelsea should offload if they care to move forward. But who actually cares about Chelsea?


South African TV and former President George Bush

February 10, 2009

The officials that broadcast that President Bush was dead should be investigated very well  and punished. I wonder why they should be using such a sensitive issue for running their tests. Also the shoe thrower in Iraq and the attention-seeking one in the UK  should be made to pay the price for the false ‘heroism’. They are certainly not my types of heroes. 

The issue of dictatorialism raised against the Chinese President is actually very true but the best way to disagree would not be through voilence. Mind you that the communist China is gradually opening up though not at the speed we expect . But a people’s elected leader deserves respect.

Choosing Between British and American Education!

January 23, 2009

I am in a difficult position of advising some candidates on where to register for their post-graduate education. The choice is which is better between British and Americcan educational system? Without bias, do you sincerely believe as some people suggested to me that British educational standard is far better than American educational standard in general? Please do help me out of this fix. These guys need my urgent advice. Their choice of courses range from Medicine, Politics, Economics to Info Tech. Your advice and supporting arguments will be greatly appreciated.

Great Obama Weekend!

January 23, 2009

Going out to drink for  Obama inauguration. And who is afraid of a backlash? It is not in our nature. But surely we all need to start choosing what is right. Like we chose President Obama. Eight seven years is not 87 days. Did he not start with ‘God of our weary years?’ And asked for His forgiveness on us. In case you are not happy with that last ‘…choose what is right.’ Forgive him he prays! And forgive Bush too whatever you hold against him.  Yes. Let’s reconcile the world. See u monday and drink to your fill and tell the bar man I will pay when I return to the office Monday.

Thank You Mr. Bush!

January 22, 2009

For all his faults George W. Bush was a very good friend to Africa. It was that friendship that translated into a Black American becoming the US president after him. History will always remember Mr. Bush as that President that loved Africa so passionately to the extent of transferring power smoothly to the First African-American President. God bless you Mr. Bush!

On President Obama and African nations!

January 21, 2009

Ordinary africans are not to  blame for expecting Pres. Obama to solve their problems. Afterall his father is Kenyan. And in Africa, a child takes his/her identity from his/her father rather than  his/her mother. But if only we are to understand that President Obama cannot solve our problems without the coorporation of our leaders.

In a continent where leaders remain selfish, greedy and corrupt; what will Pres. Obama do? Among people who do not agree in change, what can an agent of Change offer? With the poeple who kill all the hopes of their people still seating over us, how can the hope President Obama brings be allowed to reach us. Ours is a ‘cursed’ situation. Ayi kwei Armah summarizes our frustration when he titled one of his novels ‘why are we so blest?’

The rise in Africa must start from African leaders and not President Obama.  It is when we make a step that Obama can help us increase and make many steps. With all the assistance available to African through President Bush and Tony Blair ( yes do not demonize them. They were good to Africa) when they held sway in their various countries; and our inability to seize tthe opportunities they offered, it is only God that can help us make our hay while the sun shines or we may not have anything to show after President Obama’s four years  or rather eight years.

On Zimbabwe and Opposition Politics!

January 21, 2009

While one does not blame the opposition Party, MDC in Zimbabwe for challenging the excesses of President Mugabe, one is forced to see their recent rejections of forming a government with the ruling party as smacking of selfishness rather than selfess love for the Zimbabwean people. The opposition has refused to consider the sufferings of their people at the short term and keep insisting on controlling some lucrative positions which Mugabe is not ready to offer. Union leaders are political demagogues any and everywhere. They will keep brain-washing the suffering people into basking in their suffering and waiting for a D- day which seems too far, whereas the union cum political leaders keep flying from one country to another dining and wining on the wealth they acquire  from countries who keep pouring aid in ‘sympathy’ to their cause. Let the opposition get into governemnt first. It is better to fight from the inside than to fight from the outside. Senseless and blind opposition is not surely a way forward!

Lebanon Launches Rocket Attacks on Israel!!!

January 8, 2009

One cannot understand why some people will start war and begin to cry to cry foul and seek to attract sympathy when the war blossoms.
Lebanon has started rocket attacks on Israel again. One will note that that  efforts not to kill civilians made Isreal to pay heavily last time as they did not launch their attacks indiscriminately on Lebanon . I doubt if Israel will mind  the civilians this time if Lebanon provokes them to war again.

It is therefore left for the government and people of Lebanon to guard their territory and root out these murderous elements that want to make Israel  descend on them again in a fierce war  that one thinks will not be light again as the one they had last time.

President Bush’s Last Minute appointment!

January 7, 2009

A testimony that public officers are not in their positions for service. Why is President Bush giving public appointment as political rewards? He ought to leave the incoming administration free hand to bring in people who can deliver for the administration. And why condemn Mugabe of Zimbabwe and other dictators in Africa? What is this gesture by Pres. Bush other than enforcing some individuals on the American people and future government willy-nilly?  Is it indeed the last kicks of a dying horse? lol. Pervert men are the same everywhere and in every race!!!!

And Roland Burris must not be Bullied….

January 6, 2009

It is easy for the evil to cover the good but very rare for the good to out-shine the evil. And that is for those with beclouded vision if they can be said to have eyes at all anyway.

Although a governor whom is reported to be corrupt appointed him to the senate, he must not be buried with the governor. I have not read that the governor has been indicted but perhaps he has compromised his credibilty with such allegation if all the that flows from press mills are to be true.

But if Roland Burris has not been involved in the auctioning of that senate seat, one would think he is very qualified to hold it. It is neither just because there is no other black American in the American senate and his presence there will be good to show how beautiful a good mixture of colours can be (lol,  I mean of various peoples of various colours) nor because he has been around in politics for quite sometime, have served his people in various capacities and has aspired to various offices even if unsuccessfully. It is still not because he is qualified going by his credentials nor because the press has not reported any wrong he has done in connection with this senate appointment.

Perhaps my only reason is that no one has said the reason why he is not fit for that senate seat if he is considered as Roland Burris and not Roland Burris from  or of of   Governor Blagojevich.